Maria B 11 200x300 About


Born in The Lower East Side, New York City.
For several decades, I have supported the Arts via music of all genre’s, theatre, dance and travel.  I have always been an advocate of Community and Environment where I have seen devastation, gentrification and rebirth of the grounds we walk on.
The key to success is connecting people and that is why I have supported the Arts, Promoters, Concerts, Fundraisers and my Community.
Creating conversation, my most recent accomplishment was meeting an Artist/Singer and in less than 90 days, provided consulting and management which lead to marketing, advertising, promotion, sales and created a red carpet event were hundreds came to support and show their love.
In life of todays’ environment, climate and economy, I’ve had to review all the talents I do have and share with those seeking to use them, via business opportunities, while giving back to the community.
I am your new opportunity to evolve.
It’s the best way to start a New Year and a New Beginning, everyday!
Maria Barreto