As an organizer and speaker at a variety of community events throughout the years. I have volunteered for over 7 years providing sustainability ideas and solutions.  In addition, scouting spaces strategically so that more professionals that are sustainably minded can come and share their own experiences and solutions.  I have successfully engaged in all aspects of sustainability, recycling and energy savings.  Most recent, co-hosted a Occupy Sandy fundraiser collecting clothing, cleaning items and assuring they were delivered to those in need. I started recycling out of necessity and realized it’s a way of living, smarter and more cost-effective.  I love to be able to assist community-based organizations by volunteering my time, contacts and mobilizing others to do the same.  
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Come to the Green Festival to booth 626 on Saturday, April 20th & Sunday April 21st All Day.

See you there!

Eco-friendly evening with sustainability proffesionals @ Green drinks NYC

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Great Conversations, ideas and solutions among environmental friends!

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Great evening providing ideas and plans for an eco-friendly travel cruise……

sign up now!

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